The Virtual Estate Agent™


The Virtual Estate Agent™ was one of the first - if not THE first - internet application for estate agents in 1998


The Virtual Estate Agent™ has been in use since 1998; first as a desktop application and later as a Cloud based system.


As Southern IT is the developer of The Virtual Estate Agent™ we can adapt it to your own requirements.


The Virtual Estate Agent™ is written in Microsoft .Net and data is stored in the scalable and resiliant Microsoft SQL Server.


We try to give our customers all the functionality we can to make our application as useful as possible. As new features are added to our software these will be integrated free to other users.

Something Missing?

If you don't see what you want within The Virtual Estate Agent™ features list call us and we will see if we can help. We've probably already done it somewhere. And remember that most things are possible!

Bespoke Customisation

Southern IT Ltd, publisher of The Virtual Estate Agent™, is very open to requests for the customisation of any project we undertake. This makes our software one of the most versatile on the market.


Work from anywhere

  • Single or multi-offices
  • Work from home
  • Easy to use
  • Auto-feeds to main portals
  • Auto-emails notifications to buyers
  • Targeted 'phone-around' lists
  • Differentiate buyers types
  • Property applicant matching
  • Direct client registration

Worried about losing your data?

  • We backup your data for you
  • Secure server hosting
  • Fast hosting with 99.9% reliability

Large pictures tell the story

  • Responsive web design*
  • Large pictures
  • More interest
  • More sales
  • Image gallery

* Works with smart phones

Share property images and data on social media to raise your profile

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

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The Virtual Estate Agent™ is everything an estate agent needs


Mobile app?

A mobile app is no longer necessary as our websites are 100% accessible to tablets and smart phones

QR Codes

Generate QR codes for you sale boards and link smart phones directly to the full property details

Selling Overseas?

Multi-language websites can be built to order

Property Applicant Matching

Match clients to properties easily

Direct Client Registration

Clients can add themselves to your database. Check their details, call them and activate their accounts for auto-emails etc

Phone round lists

Auto-lists of potential clients

Contact Us

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