The Virtual Estate Agent™ software website package

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Easy online ASP Solution

The Virtual Estate Agent™ ASP (Application Service Provider) software for estate agents that makes website control and marketing easy. The online software is so very easy to use that all staff can be trained in minutes - giving big savings in time.

Email and SMS Marketing

Clients are notfied by 'picture emails' immediately a property is added to the website. The online-details can be printed out by clients creating huge savings on postage and printing. Our customers tell us that using the VEA software for estate agents they have saved up to two thirds of their postage and printing costs - excluding the time saved on stuffing envelopes!

Data Entry Just Once

If you display your property on portals such as the Guild of Professional Estate Agents, Find a Property, Rightmove, Prime Location (both UK and international formats) - other property web sites too - our software can send the property information for you. This means you enter the data just once and your own property website AND the desired property portal are updated at the same time.

Our customers tell us that this feature alone saves many man hours