The Virtual Estate Agent™ software website package

Southern IT Ltd - software since 1998

Southern IT Ltd provides a one-stop solution for creating all Internet website requirements from a simple, creatively designed "brochure" web site as a marketing tool - to a complex database driven, fully featured Internet "e-commerce" mail order system with a secure electronic payment system.

On-line databases are our speciality. We can create a comprehensive system for searching databases by specific criteria using Microsoft's Active Server Pages and dotNET technologies. Ideal for both small companies and huge corporations with a large catalogue of products. The website can grow with your company. Other options include the use of Perl, CGI scripts and Java to produce dynamic and up to the minute information.

We are also adept at developing intranet sites, either from scratch or by updating existing databases that allow clients to access their own office data through a tailored office intranet. This can then develop into a company wide database, allowing the sharing of information across the entire company, or as required.